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I recently had a beautiful lifestyle newborn session with the Pelissero family! I’m so grateful we were able to document newborn photos of their fourth baby. If you didn’t read my previous blog, Baby A was born THREE WEEKS early! What a surprise! In addition, Baby A was breeched so Jennifer ended up having a c-section. All this to say, we are SO thankful that both baby and mama are healthy!

When I got to their house for the shoot, I was warmly greeted by their two daughters. It was so sweet to see how excited they were! After we did a little tour of the home, we ended up choosing the master bedroom for most of the shoot. The lighting in the room was absolutely PERFECT! One of my favorite moments was seeing baby A falling asleep in Jennifer’s arms when they were sitting! Baby A’s left hand laid perfectly across her chest and her face was so peaceful. I’m all about baby-led posing, meaning I do not like to force a baby into certain position; I typically like to see where their hands and feet naturally rest. Sometimes I might adjust the hand or feet a little, but never put them in a position that is unnatural or uncomfortable.

I also loved it when the whole family got on the bed, and I was able to capture them together as a family of six! We did some candid photos as well as some silly-face photos, and the kids loved it! I also asked each child to suggest a pose they wanted to try towards the end of our shoot - this is something I’ve found to be a fun way for letting the kids feel like they are part of the session! Their son wanted them to hug and snuggle with Baby A; their second daughter wanted to write a letter to her baby sister; and their oldest daughter wanted all the kids at the edge of the bed with the parents in the background. It was truly precious and adorable! See for yourself below!

Enjoy scrolling through these gorgeous lifestyle newborn photos! I bet y’all can’t help but smile, too! :)

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