Family Photos at American Tobacco Campus | Durham Family Photographer

I had such a wonderful time capturing photos for the Woodbeck family! If I could describe this family in a few words, they were super cheerful, silly, and energetic; getting them to smile and laugh was no problem! :) We took photos at the iconic American Tobacco Campus in Durham, and it was the perfect place to capture some modern, urban photos of this family.

One memorable aspect of this shoot was when we would be getting ready to take a photo, Stephanie (the mom), would subconsciously point her toes! It was so funny, but it makes sense because she is a local dance teacher in Hillsborough! Her two daughters are also dancers, and it was so cute having them show me their different dance moves during the session! The kids also LOVED tickling each other, and I remember the older daughter kept asking if they could tickle each other again during the session. My favorite moment was when they were tickling their dad; I asked them to give him a kiss on the cheek and they showered him with a ton of kisses! Capturing that sweet moment was priceless.

When it was time to wrap up the shoot, I saw a beautiful brick wall. I was immediately inspired by the reddish-orange color because I felt like the bright color was a great way to symbolize the passion and spirit of the Woodbeck family! I showed them where to stand and then asked them to strike a pose in front of it, and they TOTALLY nailed it!!! See more photos of this fun family photo session below, and enjoy getting to know the awesome Woodbeck family!

Venue: American Tobacco Campus, Durham, NC


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