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Best Photographer in Durham | Winner of Durham Magazine's "The Best of Durham" Issue
Best Photographer in Durham | Durham Magazine, The Best of Durham 2018 | G. Lin Photography

Y'all, I recently found out that I've been voted as one of the Best Professional Photographers in Durham, which was part of Durham Magazine's "The Best of Durham 2018" issue (see page 66!). Awards like these are seriously SO humbling and honoring especially for small business owners. Anyone who owns a small business knows how much time, sweat, work, and effort you pour into your business. I remember Lori Greiner, from the popular show Shark Tank, once said that entrepreneurs are "the only people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks." It's so true!

All of this to say THANK YOU to all who've supported me. This would not have been possible without all of YOU. I look forward to continue serving you and this vibrant community, and capturing your most precious memories! Congratulations to ALL the winners of Durham Magazine's "The Best of Durham 2018" issue!