3 Tips on Photographing Your Children | Raleigh Family Photographer

Do you love photographing your kids, but you want to make your photos more compelling, organic, and meaningful? Do you want to tell a better story with your photos? Parents often ask me how to take better photos of their kids, and I've put together three EASY tips for you so you can capture beautiful photos of your children! Whether you have a smartphone or DSLR, these principals can be applied to any camera.

1. Use window lighting.

G. Lin Photography | Raleigh Family Photographer | Children on white bed hugging each other

Often times parents photograph their children indoors, and the best place to capture photos is next to a window during the daytime. Window light is an easy way to get diffused light, which helps create a soft and flattering look. To create depth and dimension to your photo, have your children turn their bodies about 45 to 90 degrees away from the window, so the light hits them on the side of their face.

2. Photograph at their eye-level.

G. Lin Photography | Raleigh Family Photographer | Two girls sitting on couch smiling at camera

A really easy thing to do is simply get down at their eye-level. Instead of standing and pointing your camera down, I encourage you to get on your knees to take the photo! Most of the time I'm on my knees, crawling around with them because it gives me a better view of their faces and what they're doing. It truly tells a better story!


3. Let them move.

G. Lin Photography | Raleigh Family Photographer | Siblings holding hands and running towards camera

Instead of telling your child to sit still and say cheese, let them move! Honestly, I've found the best way to capture authentic moments is when kids are having FUN. Be silly with them, and ask them to do things that will naturally get them to giggle. I often ask children to run towards me, or ask them to dance or tickle each other. If you're finding yourself getting grainy or blurry photos, move the fun to a location with more light.

Another tip: if there's an older sibling, I would often ask the older sibling to hug their younger sibling or to lead them by the hand. Why? Because these simple gestures build connection in your visual narrative.

Enjoy putting these new skills into practice!

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